Red & Black Speed Dating Event

We love events that allows us to create simple accent pieces for parties/ events. We were asked if we can help make simple table numbers, name tags, and drink tickets for a speed dating event. When we heard speed dating, we must say, we were a little surprised and asked if we can help work the event after setting up, which was fine by the host, she needed some extra hands. Dating is already hard with social media, so being able to step back and watch this event happen was surreal. Everyone came with an open mind and in the short 5 minute conversations that they had with people, the dialog and what they were able to learn was awesome. I wouldn’t have believe it if i didn’t see it for myself. I do hope the participants were able to find some love or new friends at the very least. Check out what we created for this great event!

We designed and printed matching name tags, drink tickets, and table numbers for the event.

Here is a photo of how the host set up the tables with the numbers. She used red & black tissue paper in milk bottles. How cute!

She did return these table numbers to us and they will be up in out Gently Used section in our Etsy store in a few days. These numbers are simple and perfect for any events that you will be hosting/ helping with. We also have other decorations up for sale also or components that can help your party. We also do custom parties as you can see in our past blog post. Just contact us with any ideas that you have and we will be happy to help you if we can.

Classic Barbie Birthday

Growing up, we love Barbies. We loved the fact that Barbie told young girls that we can be anything and everything. We were especially was in love with classic Barbie, we remember going to Toys R Us and seeing the barbie silhouette and getting excited to see what new doll has arrived. So when we got asked if we can do a simple Barbie themed for a special young girl, we got excited to say the least. Barbie is a theme that is easy to over do and over kill. So we kept it simple and classic. Check out what we did.

This is the invite that was created. Jazmin’s mom picked a simple design, she agreed to keep everything simple. We focused on simple and elegant, so we used Barbie’s classic pink, ornate oval frames and Barbie’s iconic profile.

We cut a big Barbie side profile for the dessert wall.

Other random decorations at the party were 5 types of cupcake toppers that followed the theme along with water bottle labels that matched the invites.

Also, we helped create these rosettes with Barbie’s profile that was going to be hung around an outdoor gazebo where the festivities would be.

What do you guys think? We enjoyed creating these for Jazmin’s party & we hoped that she liked it too. Let us know how we can help customize your next party, we are always up for a challenge or to help with a classic themed party. Just send us an email and we will be happy to help. Or visit our Etsy Store to see what components we have to help you complete your party look. We have various thing son there that can help give your party a finishing touch. We also have a gently used section which is used decorations that we have personally used but couldn’t toss the decor since it was still in great condition and we want the decoration sot have a second chance at creating a beautiful party.

Lightning McQueen 4th Birthday Party

Recently our friends at StarPhotoz asked us to help create decorations for her son’s 4th birthday party. She was going to have a simple birthday party, the theme was Lightning McQueen. Her son loves the move Cars and especially love Lightning McQueen, so of course we obliged and gave Desmond some party decorations to help make his birthday memorable!


Check out the dessert table! We helped with creating the banners – checkered flag and all – along with the cupcake toppers.

At each table there were orange cone center pieces! What a cute idea this was! We helped with creating the “4” and Lighting McQueen cutout.

Here is a photo that we took prior to delivery to show the other items that came in the party package. There was a checked flag only banner/ garland and signage to show “adult fuel” vs “kid fuel” along with a closer up photos of the various cupcake toppers that were created: smaller flags, stop sign, “4” and a smaller Lightning McQueen.


What do you think?? We loved how everything turned out and looked as a whole. If you would like us to create this set for you, let us know and we will be happy to help! Or if you need help with any other party theme, we will be happy to help, we are always looking for new and exciting projects to work on. Don’t forget to visit our Etsy store if you need components to finish your project. OR check out our Gently Used section. We have some party decorations that has been used once and are still in great condition and can be reused for another party at a discounted price.

Disney Tsum Tsum Gender Reveal Party

We finally got to do our first gender reveal party of the year! We love a good gender reveal party because it is always so much fun to see who wishes what, especially the parents. The host for the parents to be wanted something cute and fun that will also be used for the upcoming baby shower. The awesome host, Sok & Ly, decided that they wanted to use Disney Tsum Tsum after seeing the other birthday parties that we did. They asked to at first keep it just Mickey & Minnie since it was a gender reveal, they didn’t want to let the gender slip beforehand. Check out the photos that they sent to us.

You can see the simple dessert table that Sok & Ly created. We assisted with the banner on the table along with other things on the table.

We created the “boy or girl” cake topper along with cupcake toppers on the outline of a Mickey or Minnie head. You can see them also spread around the table as confetti.

Close up of the signage of both Mickey & Minnie head.

We love the simplicity of the party, we are diligently working on the baby shower now that the baby’s gender is revealed! Stay tuned to see what the gender was! Until then, if you like what you see, feel free to visit our Etsy store or send us a message on how we can help you with your next project. Or if you need an already made party, check out our Gently Used section from previous party that we have throw or created for in the past that can be bought at a discounted rate. We are constantly adding things to the gently used section, so always check back to see what else we have posted!

Paddington Bear Baby Shower

2017 has definitely been a great year, lots of baby showers and first birthdays. Another party that we were able to help put together is this one for our awesome cousin! He and his wife decided to have a Paddington Bear themed shower for their little one: Mathis. We loved the idea of the classic book and teddy bear friend. Check out the photos that were shared with us.

Walking into their clubhouse, guest were greeted with Paddington Bear train signs.

For the focal point, there were glitter blue raindrop garlands with a Paddington bear garland and banner. We also made last minute labels for the party favor bags . . . teddy grahams of course.

We also helped with designing these various signs for the party. A quote about Paddington and instructions on various activities to do during the baby shower.

We also made simple centerpieces.

Did you like what you see? Let us know if we can help make you a set. This particular set already sold as gently used, and we are so grateful that folks are willing to give our decor a 2nd life at their party. However, we do have a lot of other gently used items of different themes are for sale. Or if you only need certain items, our Etsy store does have a lot of different components that can help your next party!

Pacman 40th Birthday Bash

All of us here at SimpleeNou grew up with Pacman . . . there mere thought of Pacmac brings a smile to our faces because that’s when games were more simple and not complicated. So when we were asked to create decorations for a 40th birthday that was Pacman themed, to say we were excited is an understatement. 8-bit gaming style with simple colors and a fun new theme! Check out what we made. Thank to the host of the party for sharing photos from Kira (her aunt) 40th birthday celebration.

We created giant letters and ghost for the backdrop/ center focal point at the dessert table along with the birthday banner.

We created various cupcake toppers from the characters and fruit that is featured in the game.

There were also custom props for this party to take photos with along with random ghost eyes that were “flying” around the room.

Let us know what you think of this party. We have some leftovers that we created too much of and they are on sale as a bundle in our Etsy store! Or contact us to see if we can custom create fun party decorations for your next bash. We would love to help. If you are on a time crunch, our Etsy Store has a Gently Used section  that have party decor that has been used once at a party, but are in great condition to be reused at another party.

X-Box Birthday Bash

What kid doesn’t love playing video games? All the kiddos that we know loves playing video games or games in general! So when we got contacted to do an X-Box themed party for Bradley, who was turning 9, we were excited to get started! Bradley’s mama wanted to make sure that everything was simple because she was having it at a game center, so she didn’t need much. Check out what she got:


She make this simple dessert table that has awesome treats and party favors! Her cake and cupcakes were made by IG @love.zooey . . . she did a phenomenal job with the sweets.

We helped create this simple centerpiece to show off Bradley turning 9 and of course the x-box controller.

Here is a close up of the candy wrappers that we designed for the party favors. Everyone got Hershey’s cookie & cream candy bar.

And we created this simple banner to celebrate Bradley’s birthday. Under the cool lighting it looks almost as if it glows in the dark!

Do you like this theme? We can recreate for you or your love one! Or shoot us an email if you find that you have an awesome idea for a party and need help executing. Or if you are hitting a wall and can’t come up with an idea, check out our gently used section on Etsy. We have lots of random things there that we are constantly adding to that can make party planning easy, we have lots of wonderful decorations that can use a 2nd home. OR we have lots of components to help add to an already great party!

Purple and Gold Beach Side Bachelorette

This year, we seem to have gotten a lot less inquiries about bachelorette decor and more and more birthdays. Not that we are complaining, we love a good birthday party. But when Emily’s friends approached us about their beach side bachelorette party, we were so excited! We love that they were keeping it breezy and non-raunchy. They asked us to keep the decorations simple and nothing too crazy as they just wanted to relax by the beach, have a sleepover and drink wine all night. The one request that they had was that it be purple, the bride-to-be favorite color.

We create a simple pennant scallop banner in shades of purple. We love that the girls dressed it up with tissue balls, balloons and tealight candles. Really sets a great ambiance of a fun and relaxing weekend. Also, if you like the baloons, we referred them to our wonderful sister store Joy by Mila Rose


We create props so that they can take photos around the house together OR using the props as part of their Instagram shots.


We also kept it simple with diamond ring confetti to add some sparkle to certain areas. We cut the confetti in shades of glitter purple and regular card stock purple along with glitter gold. BONUS that the center of the ring is a perfect circle, already giving us a second shape to include with the confetti package.


Let us know if we can help decorate your next party! Also we had some leftover of these confetti and we will be posting it soon on our Etsy website, please visit us often! We are uploading things as fast as we can to help cater to your next event! Or if you need something custom made, don’t hesitate to email us at

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Shower

We love it when we get to play with simple ideas that we can play with. When we were approached with “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as the theme and that the decorations needed to be simple and easy to put up and take down because it will be during lunch for a co-worker, we got to work right away! First, we needed to know colors, stars are universal and looks great in all colors. The ladies at LA County who were hosting the event settled on mint, shimmery white, and glitter gold. They shared some photos with us, take a look and tell us what you think for a lunch time baby shower bash!

Walking into the conference room, they hung the star garlands that we created for the from the ceiling to decorate with the baby clothes garland along with our “twinkle twinkle little star” clouds that were taped against the wall. The garlands were created with various sized stars in the 3 colors: mint, shimmery white, and glitter gold.

As you make your way into the conference room, you will find the dessert table. More of the garlands that we created were hung as part of the backdrop.¬† We didn’t get to take a photo of the dipped pretzel sticks that we help create, but you can see it on the left side of the table.

We also helped create the cake topper! Giana’s mom is so lucky to have co workers who loves her and threw her a great lunch-time baby shower. And can we talk about that 2 tier cake from Sam’s Club!? It looks amazing and we are sure that it taste delicious!


We were able to get some of the garlands back from this baby shower because the awesome host didn’t want to throw them away since it was only used for about an hour. We will be posting them in our gently used section in our Etsy store soon! Stay posted and check often, or just send us a email at to tell us that you are interested in these garlands.

Sweet & Pink Bridal Shower

Oh my! It’s been a while since we had a chance to blog! We have been on churning out all these awesome crafts that we have been a bit behind. But nonetheless, here is a new blog! We wanted to share with you this sweet & pink bridal shower. The Bride-to-Be was showered with lots of love and we were honored to be part of her big day. Thank you to her bridal party for reaching out to us and having us add special touches to the party.

The bridal party gave out cheesecake cups as party favors (or as deserts to eat there) and we helped create the “love is sweet” tags for the jars.

We also designed a matching cupcake toppers.

We also made custom props for the photo booth. Lots of “team bride” that day!

Congrats to Brittany! and Thank you to her bridal party for sharing these photos with us!

If you need help planning a party or if you need just certain things for a party, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to help. Don’t forget to visit out Etsy store to see if we have anything that you can use. We LOVE doing custom orders. OR if you are in a pinch, we do have gently used items that we have used in the past for parties that are still in great shape and can be used for your party!