Korean Safari First Birthday

Recently we received pictures of an event we helped create things for. Caleb was turning one . . . and his mama had these wonderful ideas that we were able to create for her. After going back & fourth a few times about themes and what theme would work best for the space that she was renting, Celia settled on Safari. We love this theme because it is fun, colorful, and the theme allows for a lot of creativity because you can go anywhere from cartoon-y to life-like. The possibilities were endless. Take a look at what was created for Caleb’s special day.

We helped create the backdrop that Celia hung from a homemade PVC pipe backdrop stand. This served as the focal point of the party.

On the dessert table, we helped create the cupcake toppers.

Also, on the dessert table, there was his milestone poster highlighting all that he has accomplished in his one year of life. Along with things that he likes.

Another thing that we helped create was the poster for the doljabi board. This was the first time that we ever created this, it was very interesting to learn what this tradition was. We learned that this was a tradition that primarily by Koreans.  What happens is there are various objects that means different things (as explained on the poster) and the baby is encouraged to pick one (or two). It is believed that whatever is choose is be what the child aspire to be, and it will help bless their future in that career/ lifestyle path. Its such a fun and interesting concept! We wondered what Caleb picked and wished him all the best!

If you like what you see here, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help you create your vision for the next event! Remember, if you are a DIY-er, but don’t have time or ran our of time, visit our Etsy store! We have plenty of things that can help you out and help save you time. We have plenty of components to help you save time, OR we have ready made decorations that were gently used that you can use for your party!

Woodland Creature Baby Shower

A few months ago we were blessed to get a a request to help with a baby shower. Mary – host and Aunty – wanted to throw her sister, brother-in-law, and soon-to-be nephew a memorable baby shower.  She wanted to go with the cute woodland creature/ nature theme. If you remember Niko’s First Birthday, we were able to (with Mary’s blessing) use a lot of the same things that we did for Niko and turned that baby shower into a woodland wonderland! Check out the photos!

Check out the gorgeous dessert/ gift table!

The  close up of the banner. With the 3D garland that we created for them in the earth tone colors.

Mary had vases of flowers and moss in soft earth tones colors, lots of greens . . . it all looked so beautiful with the animals sticking out of them. & check out that gold scallop tablecloth!!

We were able to help with the cake topper and cupcake toppers.

We also loved that Mary used the additional cupcake toppers at places other than the dessert table. You can see it here on the rice crispy treats and in the back you see one on a plate of pineapples where all the other food was at.

Lastly, you see the party favors with owl thank you tags. So, so, so cute. Mary gave out mini gummy bears, to fit in with the woodland theme.

Everything about this party was planned to a tee and it all looked so wonderful. If you like what you see, we do have certain items from the party available to purchase from our Etsy store. We have Digital downloads available of the tags that were created for the party that you can find in our Etsy Store. Also in our Gently Used section, since we were able to help Mary host, she told us to take everything back so that someone else can have a cute party. So don’t forget to visit our Gently Used section if you like what you see, or if you see something else. We are constantly adding to that section of the store and perhaps we will have a party in a box ready for you!

Dream Catcher First Birthday

When Mandy’s mama came to us with the idea of a dream catcher’s first birthday, and not just any dream catcher, she wanted a personalized one with “mandy” in the middle. Of course we were up for the challenge. We didn’t quite know what the dream catchers were going to be used for. Other than we were asked to attached a string to the back of the die-cuts and to make it pink with a rustic feel. Check out what we came up with.

The dream catchers were used as centerpiece decorations! As you can see the dream catchers were pink as requested and we backed it with kraft so that you can get the rustic. We also included the glitter gold dream catcher to give an extra element. We loved how these looked with Mandy’s mama’s vision.

So cute! She hand painted the bottles herself to create these gorgeous centerpieces for Mandy’s First Birthday!

If you like what you see and you would like us to custom create something for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are available through our Etsy Store or Gmail: simplee.nou@gmail.com. We would love to help bring your vision to life!

Gavin’s Tsum Tsum First Birthday

Gavin’s mama saw our post about Evelyn’s First Birthday – Tsum Tsum themed and she asked us if we can recreate the party, but with her own ideas so that she can have a tsum tsum first birthday for her son Gavin. Of course we were excited that she asked, and if you know us, you know that we have a Gently Used section in our Etsy Store that we update as much as we can with items that we personally created for parties, or if client return items to us because they didn’t want to throw away . .  so we asked her if she was fine with gently used items, and she said YES! So we were so happy that we were able to give her a discount with the gently used items along with make new items for her that fits in the personality of her son. Take a look at what was created.

Look at this awesome dessert table! For Gavin, we helped create the backdrop, with bold colors, the character banner, and the milestone poster. Everything looked so amazing. Gavin’s mama did a great job!!

A close up of Gavin’s milestone poster! Everything that he accomplished in his first year! Very impressive for that cute little man.

Gavin’s party had 2 types of garlands. He had the all character garlands and the garland with circles and characters. Both garlands were strung around the perimeter of the tent of the party as you can see in the first photo.

Lastly, we helped create these cute centerpieces. With some of the sticks already done fro Evelyn’s party, we only had to create a few new ones and Gavin’s mama had them all in a cute painted metal tin.

Since so many of what was given to her was gently used and she was relieved that 80% of the decorations are already done, she gave us back the decorations to help another mama plan a stress free birthday. If you liked what you see here, please contact us for these decorations, we do have them, we just haven’t taken an inventory of how many of each. Or keep checking our Gently Used section to see if it has been posted for purchase. We are adding to that section as quickly as we can in between projects and parties.

Butterfly First Birthday

Mariah turned one and her mama said she loves butterflies. So naturally, a butterfly themed first birthday were in order. We were so honored that Mariah’s mama choose us to help celebrate her daughters first birthday. She said that she needed help with centerpieces and the dessert table, check out what was created for her special first birthday.

For her centerpieces, we create popsicle stick baskets that we stuffed with tissue paper and made butterfly lollipops to put in for all the kiddos (and adults) to have a treat! Mariah’s mama added balloons to complete the look.

We created a flower type banner for Mariah’s desert table and butterfly garlands. We also created a swallow tail cake topper for the party and chocolate dipped pretzel rods.

We also created some simple and fun photobooth props for Mariah’s party. Her parents thought it would be a blast for everyone, so we wanted to make sure everyone had butterflies in their photos with these custom props.

Thank you so much to Mariah’s parents for sharing these photos with us! We love it when we get to see how the things that we made get used at a party.

If you plan on having a party soon and want it to be a butterfly theme . . . check out the Gently Used section of our Etsy store, we have some butterfly garlands up for sale that Mariah’s parents gave back to us.

Baby Shower – Onesies and Birds

Thinking of a baby shower theme can be difficult, a lot of the times you find the themes tends to be repeated often because there is only so much that you can do for a baby shower. When we were asked to do a onesie and bird themed baby shower, we were quite intrigued because it is it was definitely traditional (onesie) and different (birds). Check out what we designed and stay tuned to see the rest of the items!

A simple save the date with onesies and birds.

A matching invitation!

And a matching welcome sign!

We love the simplicity of this baby shower and we can’t wait to share the rest with you! Stay tuned, until then, visit out Etsy Shop to see if there is anything there that you can use for your next event or contact us directly if you see something that you like on our blog and we can recreate to fit the needs of your party.

Safari Baby Shower

This year is has been a busy one with baby showers. we are happy to share these photos for Baby Nixon’s baby shower! His parents choose a safari themed baby shower, simple and cute. SimpleeNou was also able to showcase other mediums that we work with during this baby shower, not only did we create paper products for the parents-to-be, but we also got to bake goodies for the dessert table! Check out all the fun stuff that was created and let us know what you think! A HUGE thank you to the party hostesses (Nixon’s aunties) for sharing these wonderful photos with us!

When arriving at the party, you are greeted with a signage at the door “We are wildly excited” (who wouldn’t be with a baby on the way?) along with some safari animals that were put on the green wreath.

Once you walked inside the party, there were “baby blocks,” a gift table where we created the gifts banner and tissue tassel that you can find on our Etsy Store as Gently Used and you will see the prizes that you an win for participating in various games throughout the party! We will be posting up the tags that are on the prizes to be available for digital download on Etsy soon! Just in case you have a safari theme party and love the look of the tags. Keep checking our Etsy store or send us a message if you need it ASAP.

We also created a banner for the party. Take a a look a the textured circles! The animals were stuck on my mounting foam so that it pops a little.

When you stepped outside, the hostesses had awesome center pieces that SimpleeNou helped create. Palm tree with various safari animals around. The party favors were on the table also, animal crackers in a box tied with ribbon with a paper printed animal “button” to complete the look.

Check out the dessert table! SimpleNou created the back drop design and the hostesses created that balloon column to complete the look! How great does everything look!?

One of our gals at SimpleeNou have been on a baking kick and have learned to create royal icing cookies. Look at these awesome onesies, rattles, bottles and plates!

She also learned how to work with fondant! Look at those cute safari animal sand leaves on the cake!!

Of course there were cupcakes! and we created these glitter cold safari animal cutout for them.

What a doozy of a party right?! Everything looked so amazing and we are so happy we were able to be selected to decorate this party and help in as many ways that we can. Thank you again to Nixon’s aunties for sharing these photos with us, we love how everything was used!.

Smash Cake Session

We love it when we get to help do something new!! Our friend at Susan Lay Photography enlisted the help of SimpleeNou to help decorate a smash cake photo shoot that she was setting up for. Of course we were gamed for the fun! Check out what was done to make the smash cake session cute and memorable.

Susan had this pretty vision of pink, purple, and gold rosettes as the backdrop. Check it out!! She also had us help her with the “one” cutout for the cronuts. Everything about this is so cute. If you ever need a photo session with a talented photographer, Susan is your gal!

A close up of the “one” cutout that was done on glitter gold paper and glued to a dowel rod.

Let us know if there is anything that we can do to help you with your next photo session, or if you need help setting up the backdrop! We would love to help bring your vision to life. Also, be on the lookout for those one cutouts in our Etsy Store. We plan on posting them up very soon, so stay tuned! Or if you don’t see them and you would like to order for your event, please contact us and let us know! We will be happy to help you. We do other numbers also! Not just what you see here.

Cupcake and Sparkle First Birthday

We love it when we are busy with all these parties, then we get one that throws us a curve ball because it is totally different from what we have been working on. We had the chance to work on a first birthday for Reni and her mama picked the theme of cupcakes and sparkles. Typically, we would get cupcakes or we would get sparkles, but both together in one party was awesome! We got to get super creative and go all our for the party. Thank you to Reni’s aunty for sharing these photos with us! We love it when we get a chance to see how the items that were created gets used.

The party had this wonderful drinks bar with the banner and cupcake embellishments that we created to decorate the club house that the party was at. For a hot summer day, this was a very popular area.

SimpleeNou helped with the dessert table backdrop. The backdrop consisted of giant cupcakes that spelled out “RENI” and circle garlands that was cut at various lengths. All of the backdrops were made with cardstock and lots of glitter cardstock that shimmered when the sun hits it.

To make sure that we had the sparkle element, we create various quotes that went around the clubhouse with a glitter cardstock overlay. This is very similar to what we did for the Oh Baby baby shower that we did.

We also glittered up mason jars for center pieces. Colorful wildflower-type flowers added a wonderful touch.

If you were brave enough to go outside in the summer heat . . the party had custom photobooth props, glittered wine bottle ring toss and shimmery Tic-Tac-Toe for everyone to play and enjoy while waiting for the birthday girl to make her rounds and say hi to everyone.

Another quote with glitter overlay and you can see the game card that we created for the party and food signage.

We hope that you like what you see, and as always feel free to comment or reach out if you need help with your party. We are always happy to bounce ideas to help you out of your creative block or feel free to check out our Etsy store to see if we have the components that you need to complete your project or party!

Oh Baby – Navy and Coral Themed Baby Shower

Babies are poppiug up left and right and we have been hard at work creating special touches for the parents-to-be! We were hired on to create some items for an “Oh Baby” themed baby shower, and the colors were navy blue, coral, and glitter gold. The parents were expecting their 2nd baby, their first baby girl, so of course everything had a sweet girly touch. Check out the items that were created!

The originally design menu, the station signage of the various activities – a pink rosette background with the navy blue font, and garlands to decorate the clubhouse that the parent’s were having the baby shower in.

Here is a picture of a quote that the parents loves and wanted to have as a mantra for their daughter to be. We stuck with the rosette background and printed with a darker pink font and added a glitter gold overlay to help make the quote stand out. We wanted to incorporate the glitter gold into the party as much as we could.

We also made these themed colored rosettes for the party. We love how all of the colors contrasted and we love that this is where we were able to use various patterned paper to give a different “texture” to the look and feel of the party.

Let us know what you think! And if there is anything that we can do to help you with your next party or event, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you want to try your hands at some DIY crafts, visit our Etsy store to see if we have components of what you might need.