Woodland Creatures First Birthday

Nicholas’ mama contacted us to help create a wonderful birthday for her soon to be one year old. Nicholas “Niko” is such a cute and happy kiddo so we happily obliged. When she told us what her idea was, woodland creatures, she already had a few key items from a friend who threw a woodland themed party also. We wanted to make sure that with those key items, she doesn’t end up with the same party. Lots of times we notice that when friends share party supplies they end up with the same look and the same vibe . . . we didn’t want that for Niko, we wanted his to be different. Take a look at what was created!IMG_0205 (1)

When Niko’s mama told us that she wanted a plank board wall, we literally thought that her husband was just creating a 6×6 wall that will lean against something then be thrown out after the party. Boy were we wrong, the wall was actually one side of their garage, the wood planks is semi-permanently glued to the outside garage wall. WE LOVE IT! Look at that photo! EVERYTHING about it screams rustic and woodland! It looks so amazing with the banner that we created, the wooden shelves that held his photos, and the wooden stump that was for the cake.

IMG_3661 (1) IMG_3651 (1)

We created 3 types of tags for Niko’s party. The tags were for the various party favors that were on the dessert table (see the first photo). One tag was for a bag full  s’more mix consisting of teddy grahams, chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows. A second tag was for the mini jars of MnMs and a third for the mini popcorn bags.

IMG_3668 IMG_20170419_222513_01

Look at these cute centerpieces!! Every table had a different set of animals in various sizes to adore.


Niko’s milestones. Look at all the things that he has accomplished in one year.

forest friends

Along with a welcome board when you walked into the party.

We loved everything about this party. the woodland themed definitely carried throughout everything. If you liked what you see here, Niko’s mama did return a some of the items that she was able to collect when cleaning-up. She wanted to make sure that others had a chance to throw a memorable party. Items for this party can be found at our Etsy Shop or send us a message if you see something like you would like us to recreate for you.

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