Honest Company 500 Employee Celebration

We were asked back in November to create number balloon props with tissue tassels hanging for an exclusive event that would be happening by our wonderful friends at Blank Booth. We obliged without asking who we were creating things for and patiently waited the results of our work. Recently we were given a few photos from the event and found out that the balloons and tassels were being used for the Honest Company! The Honest Company were celebrating the fact that they hired 500 employees and wanted to celebrate in the most fun way possible! Check out a few few of the photos that were shared with us to see how the balloon and tassel prop turned out. Don’t forget to contact us if you have any special/ custom things that you would like to have at your next event that we can help you create


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Safari Animal Baby Shower

Hi everyone. We were asked to create decorations for a safari themed baby shower for a couple that was expecting twin boys! We had so much fun being able to create paper craft animals AND showcase our creative digital side also! Take a look at what we created and how they were used. We were beyond excited to see these photos!


When you enter the clubhouse, you are greeted by a monkey, giraffe, and elephant and we learn the names of the twins.


Then looking at the table, you will see our digital image explaining the onesie guestbook


Next to the guestbook were the party favors. Animal crackers in a box with a panda (representing mommy to be) and apple cider bottle wrapped in a SimpleeNou designed label with a monkey hanging from the vines (representing daddy to be)


Once you entered, you will find the cake table where you will find the # that was used for the baby shower along with more animals

The animals decorating the cake!DSC_1567

Also . . . another digital design to guess how many special macadamia nut Hershey kisses were in the jar.

Gently Used

Hi everyone. We tend to create things often and feel horrible about throwing out the things that we make. So we decided to create a “Gently Used” section at our Etsy shop. We will be posting things that we created and only used for a few hours. All these items are in great condition and definitely can be reused for another party.

Here are some photos of the first couple of things we decided to post under the Gently Used section:


Baptism banner . .  kraft & pink with lamb edgesbanner2

3D Circle Garland in shades off yellow, brown, gold, and silver.

Happily Ever After

Modern weddings are straying away from using the traditional bride and groom topper to something that’s more simple and chic for their cake.   Cutting of the cake is one of the focal events in a wedding, so having a topper that matches your cake can really bring in your whole wedding theme look.  Therefore, don’t skimp out on the thought of choosing a cake topper, take some time to think about it.  If you’re stuck, send us and email and we can help brainstorm some ideas with you.

Here was a bride that requested a “Happily Ever After” topper along with matching table numbers.  Our decorations added to the chic, modern, and romantic feel of the wedding.

Rainbow Dash

My Little Pony isn’t as popular as when we were (80’s babies here) kids.  So when we had the request to make a Rainbow Dash birthday banner, it brought back nostalgic memories. We love the bright colors of Rainbow Dash and was happy that we were able to execute a banner to match our customer dessert table set up. Let’s just say Deliah was beyond thrill to celebrate her 4th birthday.


Growing up, what little fellow didn’t like pretending to be Batman? Parties don’t always have to be over the top to get the theme across.  For Jonathan’s 4th birthday, we crafted items such as cupcake toppers, candy jars labels, birthday banner, etc. that made the desert table the focal point of the party.

We also LOVE when our client share pictures like these because we’re always curious to see how they are being used. I have to say this little superhero party was a success.

Need help planning? Create a conversation with us at simpleenou@gmail.com and we can help bring your vision to life.

Babyshower Themes

Spring and Summer are precious seasons for us because of the custom orders for baby shower related items.  Themes for showers or any party in general can be done with just colors scheme and/or character(s) of some sort.  Below you’ll find two different baby shower theme.

Here we made decorations in different shades of pink and purple for Baby Girl Lee’s shower.

Need ideas for a baby boy shower?  How about this one?

As always, as you may see in many of our blogs; the decorations for these parties are custom to the customers liking.  If you need help with ideas and decorations to come to life, send us an email and we will gladly help.

Birthday Boys!

Stuck on a theme for the little guy’s birthday? How about Everything is Awesome! The decorations was customize down to the details by using the characters, font, colors, and lego piece that’s related to The Lego Movie.  Bradley sure didn’t mind celebrating his 6th birthday with this theme.


Still not sure if Legos is for the little guy; how about a Super Heros theme?  Check out Evan’s birthday with Super Heros from the Justice League. Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and The Flash made their apperance in Evan’s decorations.

Like any of these ideas for your little guy’s birthday?  Contact us at simpleenou@gmail.com and we can make it happen!


The Simpsons

The Simpsons is an adult sitcom that many of us grew up watching and still watching now.  It’s a comical show that’s depiciting the lifestyle of “middle class American” family.  Here are the main characters of the show who’s wearing a Hawaiian attire to attend a birthday party.

Interested in a custom order?  Email us at simpleenou@gmail.com