Evelyn Tsum Tsum First Birthday

Hi everyone, it has been a very eventful start of summer for us here at SimpleeNou that our blogging fell behind. But fear not! We are back and will be blogging like crazy to share all of our awesome events with you. First up is Evelyn’s first birthday – Tsum Tsum style. For anyone who is unsure of what “tsum tsum” is . . . allow us to share with you! “Tsum Tsum” derives from the Japanese word tsumu meaning “to stack.” So the plush toys are shaped and designed to stack on top of each other to form a totem or a pyramid. We loved that Evelyn’s mama decided to have a fresh new way of incorporating Disney into her daughter’s first birthday. Check out the photos and let us know what you think.

dessert table

We helped create the backdrop design, with features stacked Disney tsum tsum characters on the side. Check out that cake also!! All those fondant characters! SO CUTE!

table set up We helped create the centerpieces. Various Tsum Tsum characters in various sizes that were stuck to dowel rods.

stacks Bigger tsum tsum characters that were “stacked” against a pole for added decorations


A nice twist on the traditional circle garlands, we incorporated tsum tsum characters.

mildstoneGift table banner along with the thank you sign and milestone signage that was created.

highchairHigh Chair banner with dangling stacked tsum tsum characters on the side.

favor bags

Party favor labels that were created. Along with additional tsum tsum cutouts that were use to sprinkle on the table for decorations.

The party was a hit and was extremely cute. We were lucky that her mama returned a lot of the decorations to is in great condition. Don’t forget to visit us at our Etsy Store, we will be posting lots of gently used items according to what has been returned to us that is in great condition still and new items . Or if you have an idea you would like to work on together, send us a message!

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