East Providence – Relay for Life

A while back we were asked if we will be willing to donate some of our goodies to a great cause. The girls at the East Providence – Relay for Life team asked if we can cut out stars for them so that participants can write reason why they are participating. Being supporters of the American Cancer Society, we happily obliged. They had the theme of “Lights, Camera, Action” and shared these photos with us. We must say we are in love with how the stars were used and the outcome. Thank you to the East Providence¬†– Relay for Life team for sharing these photos with us and allowing us to be part of this.



We love the idea of having each participants write why they are involved. It really added an emotional touch and connection.

“I relay for grandpa” . . . “I relay for all those we have lost” . . .”I relay for everyone”


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